TWA's 1st Corporate Headquarters
10 Richards Road
MKC Airport
Kansas City, Missouri

The museum committee and volunteers worked hard to get the museum ready for opening.
We started with the museum's new home filled with storage items from other tenants in the building.
      The clean-out and clean-up started May 2011.  Pat getting ready to work.
Pat working on the floor.   

     Pat and Zana taking a break.                 The ceiling tiles and walls are painted.         Betsy and Pam painting ceiling tiles.

Betsy, Pam and Zana hard at work.            Brad and Alice cleaning the floor.                     Display cases moving in.
Display cases had to be repaired and cleaned.  Interior walls were recovered with new fabric.          
Next came the installation of a new tile floor which started in October.
          Pam and Pam laying tiles.                                                               The floor is completed in December.
Pat and Pam cleaning display cases donated by KC Fringe Festival Alice, Cheri, and Pam recovering interior walls of display cases. Hallway leading to museum entrance.
TWA Timelines being hung in the hallway by Brad and Pam.
Steve creating the museum welcome podium.

Updated January 27, 2014

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The TWA Museum at 10 Richards Road

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