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To place an order please contact the Museum.

Shipping & Handling is additional unless stated otherwise.  


TWA Twin Globe Double-Sided Tan T-Shirt

TWA Twin Globe Tan Pocket T-Shirt

TWA Twin Globe Logo on Front
TWA Aircraft on Back

TWA Travel Poster Blanket

TWA Domestic International Blanket

Domestic on one side
International on the other


TWA Aircraft Models
6 Different Models to Choose From

Douglas DC3 Model Kit

Douglas DC3

Boeing 717

Boeing 757

MD 80

Mini Wings of Pride

TWA Toy Super Glider


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TWA Shower Curtains

4 Different Styles

TWA Logo Shower Curtain

TWA Logo

TWA Multi Logo

TWA Petty Girl

TWA Connie


TWA Twin Globe and Museum Logo Caps

TWA Twin Globe Cap

TWA Twin Globe Caps

TWA Museum Logo Caps

TWA Amenity Kits

TWA Amenity Kits

New and Used

Many Diffent Sizes and Colors

Call for Individual Pricing

David Klein

Check David Klein's website for a complete history of his brilliant work.
He is well-known for his influential work in the field of travel advertising. During the 50s and 60s David Klein designed and illustrated dozens of posters for Trans World Airlines (TWA).



Updated July 14, 2016


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